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Frequently Asked Questions 

There are blackness on the edge of the bathroom mirror, why could it be welded?

Acid-based cleaning products can cause your mirror to black out. Also, even if it is not applied to the surface of the mirror, if other areas of the bathroom are cleaned with acid-containing chemicals, blackening may occur again on the edge of the mirror due to evaporation. For this reason, absolutely ventilate the environment after cleaning. 

What should I use in mirror cleaning? 

Its enough to clean with a warm, soapy and cotton damp cloth what you will be well prepared. 

Can I use my favorite furniture with every washbasin? 

Each washbasin may not fit in with any furniture. You can find the appropriate washbasin and armature alternatives at the point of sale or price list

Will sunlight damage furniture? 

KALAY Bathroom furniture is made of natural coated, lacquered, thermoformed (pvc) and MDF laminated materials. Due to sun exposure, color change in natural coated products, PVC in thermoforming may occur. In addition, all products may also have color tone winding. For this reason, we recommend that you install the furniture in such a way that it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Can the surface of the bathroom furniture be left wet? 

Leaving the surface wet will shorten the life of your furniture. we recommend that you clean the splashing water after use. 

Can I also clean my furniture with ceramic cleaner?

We do not recommend using an acid-based cleaner during cleaning, as it may cause irreparable damage to the product surface. 

Can I wash my bathroom furniture? 

Since the main material of your furniture is wood, it should never be washed. If washed, your product may swell and damage. 

If the bathroom environment is stuffy, do the furniture and mirrors get damaged?

Wooden materials can not withstand damp or steamed a long time. Do not forget to ventilate the bathroom, especially after the shower.